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  • Toilet Humour

    What is it about toilet paper that is so enticing to our fur babies? They seem to get into the stuff at any opportunity they can, and just love to leave a trail of it lying around for us to deal with. Just as well we are able to purchase the stuff in such bulk packs these days! Continue reading

  • Group Cuddles

    Everyone knows how nice it is to have a really good cuddle, but did you know just how incredibly good it is for you too? Aside from making you feel good by releasing oxytocin, it can relieve stress and depression, boost your immune system, and even relieve pain…so what are you waiting for? Continue reading

  • It’s A Miracle

    Pregnancy truly is an incredible event, it’s the creation of life and its nurture until birth. Humans aren’t the only ones to undergo this miraculous production, and animals can boast some of the most amazing pregnancies on earth. Continue reading

  • Chubby Puppies pt 2

    Being overweight is something that a lot of people struggle with, and it would appear these puppies have been a little too indulgent for their own good! Although I definitely don’t wish to encourage the behaviour, those chubby little bellies are just aching for a “raspberry” to be blown on them! Continue reading

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