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  • Musically Inclined


    Music is an incredible thing – it can get us up off the couch and dancing like a lunatic, or it can bring us to our knees weeping with emotion.  Some of us have been blessed with an incredible voice, and others have been gifted with the talent of an instrument.  These animals seem to be lucky enough to fit into this category… Continue reading

  • It’s Chilly


    When it starts to get cold, there’s nothing quite like refamiliarising yourself with that favourite woolly jumper you’ve had for years!  I’m sure most of us have one – that old thing which probably has more holes in it now than to really be doing any good?  These cute critters are all looking super warm and cozy in their fluffy sweaters of choice. Continue reading

  • Getting Foxy


    Whilst the fox has commonly been regarded as a pest in the past, they are now being seen in households as pets…if you are willing to part with around US$9000!  These beautiful specimens may well get you thinking about whether you need a second job!
    Continue reading

  • Peanut Butter Dogs


    Greg Murray is an award-winning photographer who lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. Greg is best known for the series “For the Love of Peanut Butter”, which depicts the comedy of dogs enjoying the favourite treat of many of us…peanut butter.
    He is dedicated to animal rescue and adoption, often volunteering with various rescue organisations throughout the Cleveland area. Continue reading

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