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  • Pretty in Pink


    According to surveys that have been conducted, Pink is the colour most commonly associated with romance, femininity, charm, politeness, tenderness, sweetness, softness, and childhood.  Pink is one of the most common.  If nothing else, these stunning pink animals are most certainly beautiful, and sure to attract attention!

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  • The Runner Ducks of Vergenoegd Winery


    The Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Stellebosch, Cape Town, employs a unique way of controlling the snails and other pests on their vines.  The farm’s workforce of 700-800 Runner Ducks is released twice a day to enjoy this feast, and the farm has been utilising this practice since 1984.
    It’s a true example of a symbiotic relationship, with the Winery yielding beautiful grapes, and the ducks literally running to work to enjoy a fabulous meal! Continue reading

  • Bottoms Up!

    Image: Baby Rhinoceros runs beside her mother at the Serengeti Safari park in Hodenhagen

    Not everyone is comfortable with their backside, and we certainly aren’t all as proud of ours as certain celebrities!  Ranging from soft and fluffy to rough and tough, these animals show us just how cute a backside can be!

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