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  • Desert Squeaking Frog


    This little guy is called a Desert Rain Frog. They’re found in South Africa and Namibia on sandy shores in between the sea and sand dunes. It’s nocturnal, meaning is sleeps during the day in burrows which it has dug to a depth of 10-20cm in moist sand. Unfortunately they’re listed as “vulnerable” due to habitat loss, so be sure to enjoy the cuteness as much as you can!

    source Wikipedia

  • Nature’s Rainbow


    The colour, oh the colour!  Can you believe these are all real?  Nature was having an amazing day when these stunners were created!  From chameleons to beetles, vipers to shrimp, and frogs to birds, the variety and array of unbelievable hues never disappoints.  If they were wearing clothes, they would certainly be the most dapper beings around! Continue reading

  • Crested Birds


    In humans they’re called mohawks and often aren’t seen in the most positive light, but in the avian world the prominent feathers on the head are referred to as a crest, and is quite the thing of beauty.  These feathered stunners are all having amazing hair days and could definitely give us all some styling tips! Continue reading

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