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  • Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll


    Apparently the science of shaking oneself dry is “fascinating” to scientists, and dogs can rid themselves of 70% of the water in their fur within 4 seconds! Incredibly, a drop of water can be thrown from an animal’s fur during shaking at acceleration of between 10-70 times gravity! Wouldn’t it be nice to make do without a towel? Continue reading

  • Getting Sprung!


    We’ve all been in that extremely uncomfortable situation where someone has caught us doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing, and the feeling can be truly mortifying!  Do you turn and run? Do you try and make excuses? Or do you just accept the embarrassment? (and hope you never have to see that person again!) Continue reading

  • H2Oh-So-Cute


    When one thinks about cute baby animals, one rarely thinks of the aquatic ones that dominate the oceans and waterways.  Given the immense size of the oceans and what is yet to be explored, who knows just what cuties are waiting out there for us to discover them?! Continue reading

  • Liquid Kitties


    I always knew that cats were super flexible and incredibly curious, but some of the situations these kitties get into seem to defy the laws of physics.  From squeezing into teeny boxes that are so obviously too small for them, to “pouring” themselves into vases and other containers, it would appear to be proven, once and for all, that furry felines are indeed made of liquid! Continue reading

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